Different Types of Window Treatments

There are many types of window treatments used in making the window attractive to the outside viewers. A window treatment is the general term used to...


There are many types of window treatments used in making the window attractive to the outside viewers. A window treatment is the general term used to a task that involves covering the window. This task works in blocking the light, some sort of insulation as well as keeping the room more private from the outside view.

Nevertheless, doing the window treatment is also used for decorative purposes. Placing curtains and venetian blinds are the common types of treatments being used nowadays not only at home but also in office settings. This is because of the functionality and style it offers in making the design.

You can find different window treatments available at home improvement warehouses, home design boutiques and department stores. These window treatments include the following:


Blinds are the typical window treatment that requires minimal decorative value. This is manipulated

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by a rope pulley that controls the amount of light through the rows of slats. Some are made of wood while others are made of plastic that can be attached to the window frame. It comes in vertical and horizontal slats.


Shades are another sort of window treatment that offers lots of functions. It is usually a potion of fabric cut to a shape that coordinates with the window frame. Aside from blocking the light it also serves as insulation. It comes in different materials such as canvas, plastic weave and bamboo. It is very easy to use because of the roll-up sprocket mechanism operation.


This is the commonly used types of window treatments because of the different variety of styles. The good thing about the curtains is that it provides lots of function as well as decorations. This can easily installed above the window frame through the curtain rod or curtain rings. You can prefer to partially or fully cover the window.


If you want to put some dramatic effects in your house, using the valances is the best option of window treatment. It is usually used along with blinds and shades for modern home design. Nevertheless, this design is usually seen in parlors, dining rooms as well as music rooms.


Sheers are commonly used for decorative effect. Unlike other sort of window treatment, this is used to keep and maintain the brightness of the room. They are cut in different shapes that ranges from curtains, shades and valances. This is commonly used in art studios, kitchen and other rooms facing the eastern portion. This is not ideal to use in bedroom because it cannot block unwanted light.

Whatever types of window treatments you may use the functionality and appearance of the treatment is just the result of your unique imagination. This means that you can skillfully design the window depending on the location as well as the ambiance you want to project in the area. Aside from the above mentioned ideas you can also refer to books and magazines for other options. However, make sure that the color and design complements all the furniture as well as the color of the room.